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League Constitution 2017 / 2018
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1 The name of the league shall be The St Ives & District Pool League thereafter known as the League.

2.The League will consist of up to Sixteen (16) teams playing in one (1) division. Teams will play each other twice in a season, once at home and once away. All League Venues must have a TR26 (St Ives) postcode.

Annual General Meeting (A.G.M)

3. The League, within each calendar year, will hold an Annual General Meeting (A.G.M). At this A.G.M elections for committee officials will be held and the outgoing committee members will report on the previous season.

4.The League will elect a League Committee to undertake all league business. The committee can only be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

5.The committee will consist of two permanent positions of Chairperson and Secretary/Treasurer and the rest of the Committee will be made up by representatives from each league team who will attend a minimum of four (4) meetings each season. Each team must undertake to send a representative to each meeting to represent them for all league matters. Each team may send a different representative to each meeting as long as the representative is a member of their team.

6.If a team fails to send a representative to the scheduled meetings then they will be deducted 5 league points, this will not be negotiable.

7.The committee will hold a minimum of four (4) meetings but may call a meeting whenever required at which each committee member will be entitled to one (1) vote. In the event of a tied vote the chairperson will receive the casting vote.

8.Subject to this constitution (as amended at an Annual General Meeting), the committee shall have full voting powers that, in their opinion, are deemed necessary or beneficial to the league.

9.The following people will be entitled to one (1) vote each at an A.G.M.: -

(i) All elected members of the committee.

(ii) All team representatives present. Providing the team was affiliated to the league for the previous season

(iii) In the event of an equal vote the Chairman will be given a casting and final vote, regardless of his vote in the first round of voting.

10.When teams are seeking election to the League new venues will be accepted before ‘B' teams of any existing League members. If an existing League team has to relocate due to a venue closing or new ownership not wishing to participate in the League then they will be given priority over both new teams and ‘B' teams.

11.If the circumstance arises of there not being enough League places available for all teams seeking election to the League, the playoff rule will come into play. If there are enough places available for teams wishing to join the League then the Playoff rule will be ignored

12. At the conclusion of the League season the teams finishing in the bottom two positions will automatically be placed in a playoff. They will then playoff against any new teams seeking election to the League with the two winning teams in the playoff filling the available places in the League. Any team wishing to move venues will forfeit their place in the League, unless there are exceptional circumstances agreed by the League Committee (See Rule 9), and have to also play off along with any other teams seeking to join the league.

13.The playoffs will be drawn on the night of the AGM and will be played within one (1) week of the AGM to allow for fixture lists and relevant paperwork to be distributed to the other League members. The team drawn first will play at home and the matches will be played over the League Match format. The format being eight (8) singles and four (4) doubles, in the event of a tie the Team captains will play a deciding frame.

Player Organisation & Registration

14. Each team will consist of Eight (8) players either male or female to represent the venue that the team plays out of. There will be no restriction to the maximum amount of players per team. A minimum of Six (6) players constitutes a team for the purposes of playing a League Match.

15. Players must be registered to the team they are representing; the cost of registering a player will be £2.00 and Initial Player Registration must be completed by 6pm on the Wednesday before the Week 2 fixtures commence with the registration sheets handed in to the League Secretary. All monies collected for the registration of players must be paid to the League Secretary at the first scheduled Committee meeting Any additional players may be registered on the night of a match as long as they are not registered to another team (see Rule 16), by writing ‘New Player Registration' and their name on the reverse of the score sheet. This must then be signed by both team captains on the night and the £2.00 fee submitted to the League Secretary at the next scheduled Committee meeting. There will be no new player registrations allowed in the last eight (8) fixtures of the season, there will be no exceptions to this rule.

16. Any player played whilst registered to another team will automatically incur a 12-0 loss for the team they have represented on that night, with no exceptions. Players may transfer once a season if required but only before the halfway point of the season, the transfer must be made 24 hours in advance of the league match and must be confirmed by the League Secretary that the player is eligible to transfer, the transfer fee will be £4.00 . There will be no transfers in the second half of the season.

League Organisation

17. League matches will be played on a Thursday evening commencing at 20:00 (8pm) prompt. Both sides must be present at the venue 10 minutes before the start of the match with at least their first two (2) singles players available and ready to play. If either team is unable to attend 10 minutes in advance they must notify the opposing team in good time giving a valid reason and estimated time that they will arrive.

18. If a team is unable to attend a League match for any reason and have to cancel the fixture, they must notify the opposing team and League Secretary in good time, preferably a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Teams must rearrange and play the match within four (4) weeks of the original fixture and notify the League Secretary of the new date. If the teams cannot agree on a date to replay the match within the four (4) week period the League will set a date for the match to be played. If the match that is cancelled occurs within the last four (4) weeks of the season the match must be rearranged and played before the last League fixture of the season. If a rearrangement is not played within the allotted time scale for any reason then both teams will be awarded zero (0) points.

19. Any team failing to fulfil two fixtures in a row will forfeit their place in the League, unless the League committee decide that there are exceptional circumstances behind the failure, the committee will decide this after hearing all the information available. Any team being removed from the League either by Committee vote or by their own request will have all team and player statistics removed from that seasons statistics regardless of the amount of games they have played. Any team that is removed from the League will automatically receive a 5-year League ban and will not be considered for re election during this period unless there are exceptional circumstances or a change of venue ownership.

20. Each League Match will consist of Twelve (12) games: - Eight (8) singles games and Four (4) doubles games. All games will consist of One (1) frame.

21.The home team will supply the referee for each game. The referee must have a good knowledge of the rules adopted by the league: - THE REFEREES DECISION IS FINAL!

22. Before the first frame the appointed Referee will perform a coin toss and offer the call to the visiting player. The winner of this coin toss will be given the option of the break off shot. After this the break off shot will then alternate between the two (2) teams

23. It is the responsibility of the Captain of each team to correctly and legibly fill in their own score sheet with both the players fore and surnames. Failure to do this may cause problems in the recording of individual and team records (wins, 8 Balls, etc). Score sheets must be completed with all players' names by both teams before the League match begins, both team captains must agree any changes made during the match.

24. The League Match and all games within it are to be played in a SPORTING and GENTLEMANLY manner staying within the confines of the rules adopted by the league.

25. If a player or doubles team feel that their opponents are taking excessive amounts of time to play a shot then they may ask the referee to consider encouraging the opponent to play their shot. This will be done by the referee and referee only by calling “30 seconds remaining”, this is entirely up to the referee's discretion and a common sense attitude must be taken

26. Score Sheets must be completed fully and signed by both captains on the evening of the League Match. Both captains must sign any 8 Ball clearances and the players name must be circled to indicate an 8 Ball has been achieved. An 8 Ball clearance can only be achieved on each player's first visit to the table.

27. It is the responsibility of the away captain to fill in the Sporting points, this can be done in front of the other captain or if preferred in private before the sheet is handed in. Sporting points will be added up each week and at the end of the season the team scoring the highest Sporting Points will receive the Most Sporting Team trophy. Five (5) Sporting points is the highest and One (1) is the lowest and it is up to each team to vote accordingly, if the Sporting points are not filled in then Zero (0) points will be awarded to the home team. Sporting Points should be awarded for Sportsmanship and good conduct, sporting points will not be disclosed at anytime and only the winning team in the competition will be recognised with a trophy.

28. It is the responsibility of each team captain to ensure that his or her completed score sheet reaches the League secretary by 18:00 of the Saturday following the league match. Be it delivered by hand, Faxed or delivered to a designated drop off point. Failure to do this will result in the team being awarded Zero (0) points.

29. At the end of each league season there will be a Finals Day/Evening at which the final stages of any league K.O. competitions will be played and trophies for the league season and K.O. competitions will be awarded.

General Rules

30. All teams will pay a league affiliation fee at the beginning of each season of £40.00 . This money will be used for the running of the league and the supply of awards for any end of season competitions.

31. The committee reserves the right to refuse membership to any venue, team or player if they feel that this membership will be detrimental to the league .

32. Any complaints, disputes or queries arising from any League Match or League Business, must be presented to the committee in writing by either a letter or on the back of their score sheet. The committee will then discuss and supply a decision to the query at the next scheduled committee meeting and inform all parties involved as soon as possible of any actions that they have sanctioned.

33. There are set parameters for certain offences and these are set out below, depending on the offence and the severity these will be used if necessary.

Cheating or Unsporting Conduct

1st Offence - Captains to be called to speak to the Committee resulting in a possible Team Warning.

2nd Offence – Captains to be called to speak to the Committee resulting in a possible Team Points Deduction

Fighting or Intimidating Behaviour

1st Offence – Captains to be called to speak to the Committee resulting in a possible Team Points Deduction

2nd Offence – Captains to be called to speak to the Committee resulting in an Automatic Points Deduction and/or Player/Team Ban from the League.

34. All league members will endeavour at all times to abide by the rules of the League.


Last Amended 14th September 2017

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