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Rules Explained - Balls Touching Cushions
This is another rule that comes to light quite often, basically if a ball is touching a cushion before you play it then another ball needs to touch a cushion after you have played that ball.
As you can see this ball is not touching the cushion so you would play it in the normal way ensuring that it or the white ball would touch a cushion after contacting it during the shot.
This ball though is already tight up against the cushion so after contact by the white, a ball must hit a cushion, in other words you cannot play into this ball without another ball touching the cushion.
If you play a ball touching a cushion then either the ball touching the cushion must move away from the cushion and impact a cushion, the white ball must touch a cushion or another ball must be cannoned into a cushion. Failure for any of these things to happen is a standard foul with two visits under normal playing conditions.
In games that we have played we have found it useful and helpfull to the referee if you politely point out that the ball you are about to play is not touching the cushion. This is only required if the ball is very close to the cushion and allows the referee to quickly check before you play the shot, this in our experience stops any disputes.
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